WHY TO INVEST TO JETCOPTER ?

                                                             Why VTOL's so important ?

                               Why VTOL developing companies become so highly valuated ?



1 VTOL could generate 18 time more than shared car and earn $2.4M per 1 year.

10 VTOL's could generate $24M per 1 year.

100 VTOL's could generate $240M per 1 year.

1000 VTOL's could generate $2 400 000 000 per 1 year .


     So far best funded but with not the best techology.                                

                                       4 Jetcopter products will overcome any other of here .

                       Urban Air Mobility Market To Be Worth USD 15.54 Billion

                                           eVTOL flying taxis will wait for 1-2 decades for better batteries , JETCPTER will start now !



                                 4 DISTRUPTIVE PRODUCTS READY FOR PROTOTYPING :

                                            1. JETCOPTER DRONE : vtol unmanned drone capable to lift heavy loads as any else 


                                                           2. JETCOPTER : vtol aircraft  , better than helicopters 


                                                           3.JETCOPTER SKYEXPRESS : super stol / vtol airplane.


                               4. Very quiet VTOL airplane for urban areas - SKY gHOST

                                                   Because all of our aircrafts multi engine - can be ICE , electric or hydrogen.



                                                          Questions / answers

Investor: there are +330 vtol startups , why Jetcopter ?

Jetcopter : there are just few vtol startups that can fly 50 miles and only Jetcopter plan and could fly for 600 miles. Jetcopter have unique patented construction , it will allow to achieve breakthrough in vertical aviation.

Investor: investing in UAM is long term.

Jetcopter : Jetcopter not focus only to UAM , we have fast track to revenue - vtol drones production / military vtols production .

Investor: why Jetcopter vtol design is better ?

Jetcopter: it's very compact , safe - duct fans ,affordable , with great capabilities for mass production .

Investor: VCs see great risk in heavily-regulated industries like aerospace

Jetcopter : UAM and passengers flights still far to go and with long/expensive certification costs . Jetcopter will start to cargo and military markets - much less regulation.

Investor: how big will be your market ?

Jetcopter : with successful vtol design we can predict 30% of world civil helicopter market , 40% of world military heliopter market , Jetcopter vtol drone could take 50% of world vtol air cargo business - that's are few billion amounts.

Investor: how much will cost to develop functional prototype ?

Jetcopter : aprox $30M , helicopter developing costs - $1B.

Investor: why traditional vtol industry players can't do that ?

Jetcopter : large monolith companies can't innovate , they are good in '' bolt '' design , but not in a novel product. Many experts predict that novel VTOL aircraft companies will take big stake from traditional vtol industry companies.

Investor: what other advantages of Jetcopter construction ?

Jetcopter : we will use duct radial fans , thus will void too many problems with certification ( such construction will eliminate debris from high speed rotating props ) ,we will use automotive engines and will get incredible low self costs per 1000 KW engine power. Our construction is modular , like no one else in VTOL , thus aircraft will have lowest maintenance and operational costs.

Investor: what are your plans for company's monetary strategy ? 

Jetcopter : company will sell small part of equity (<20%) to finish develop aircraft and will go IPO .

Buying private stock of a company that will go public - is a lucrative investment strategy ,capital at risk .

Institutional investors.

Individual investors.

Accredited investors by rule 501 by U.S. Securities Act of 1993


1.eVTOL ? Flying time 15-30 min will be not enough , 1-2 passengers won't generate enough profit , 3D autonomous flights still few decades to come. eVTOL's  can only be flown under the best weather conditions. eVTOL's will need to wait till ultra high density and very light weight batteries will appear. In this transition to novel batteries period , Jetcopter plan to use hybrid powertrain , this will allow to have on board energy volume equivalent of 26 pcs TESLA P100 batteries – 2600 kWh . JETCOPTER have construction well to fit for bouth -  eVTOL and VTOL  constructions.

2.Compact form - mandatory. New vtol must be more compact than helicopter. Compact form for for vtol aircraft fleet storage. Logistically there is no way to store tens of thousands of VTOL aircraft ?.

Jetcopter is most compact new tech vtol , with folded wings could be easily transported by car trailer and stored at 1 car parking place .Very useful  for fleets ant for private use .Image 3

4.Scalability:  The complexities of conventionally designed tube-and-wing DEP-VTOL aircraft are not easy to manufacture . 

Jetcopter designed for conveyor production. Jetcopter construction from the beginning engineered to be possible to use rapid automotive industry processes . Predicted annual production volumes – 5000 pcs. Image 4

5.Profitability: As a ubiquitous transportation solution, there is no path to profitability for the air-taxi design .

Jetcopter modular construction will allow at very effective costs to built very wide range of vtol‘s and drones . For military , authorities , business , private , parcel service - compact / long range / safe vtol.First to come

for sale - JETCOPTER drone , propulsion+powertrain+wings modules (without fuselage) . For cargo deliveries and other long range vtol missions.Later will appear cargo copter and at last stage passenger versions .

Image 5

6.Multiprop constructions - large , high speed rotating props very dangerous , will be hard to certify for urban flights.

Jetcopter's radial duct fans - inexpensive to produce , high pressure rise per single stage , efficient in wide RPM , good in coupling with ICE , much more compact and safer construction , easier certification.

7.The best air vectoring construction suit for UAM.

Tilt nozzles construction is simpler/more compact than tilt wing or tilt prop constructions .

9.Vertiports ? 

Jetcopter - as world‘s most compact , duct fan VTOL ,  will be able to land safely at plot with size equal to 1 car parking .No other VTOL could be able to land in so limited areas .Image 2

10.MRO and operating costs reducing.

Jetcopter will use modular construction - this will allow to greatly reduce MRO costs for fleets , will reduce logistic costs - instead of all aircraft , will be possible to deliver just requested module. ICE engines powertrain , as well as more other components from automotive industry could allow greatly to reduce production and operating costs.



Our activities :

1. building military version Jetcopter full size mock up in 12 month

2. participating in military shows all over the world to take preorders for Jetcopter.

3. building + testing fully functional prototype in 36 month.

4. starting production for military Jetcopter version with consortium partners .


Why some investors void to invest to URBAN AIR MOBILITY ?

They prefer software to hardware, eyeing lower development costs and exponential returns

They avoid capital-intensive industries

Most funds look around for shorter return-on-investment time horizons than promised by the evolution of UAM

VCs see great risk in heavily-regulated industries like aerospace




Why eVTOLS can't  fly now ?

they don't have batteries they need -  very powerful and very light .

    Get on skyscraper top , feel the winds power there ,  the same moment you will strongly dislike any eVTOL with max flight time 10-15 min. To be able to resist strong winds , not to lose control in the air , eVTOL will need a lot more energy than present eVTOL's can handle.

At +45C or 113F in Dubai batery will be in great danger , at -30C or -22F in Alaska battery will be died .

Battery crash test - filled and charged structure to be dropped from 15m (5th floor) no leak must occur. 1000 kg thing to drop from 5 th floor and expect no cracks - very challenging.


Presently no any eVTOL developer demonstrated any appropriate flights , only posted short videos with take off and landing straight after. They will take long time for developing to hope  new kind ''miracle'' batteries will appear till that time

to lift 2500 kg - 4+ seats vtol multicopter need min 700KW , max flight time with it 15 min .

Who will want to fly eVTOL with 1000 kg very dangerous and flammable LITHIUM ? In case of crash firefighters will not be able to extinguish fire of 1000 kg Lithium for long time. So many TESLAS burned , Lithium batteries packs in ban by general aviation , who wants to be near 1000kg  lithium in air ?

What we know about batteries ?

If you will try your TESLA at full power , how long it will go ? Max 30-40% from declared...Check engineering explained how Tesla have no power even to tow small trailer .When you use battery on the ground ,  bearings take biggest part of gravity on them , so almost all power goes to move car forward  . In the air there are no bearings , you must overcome your gravity force  + have power to push airplane forward. 

must have 15 min reserve x 700 kw = 500 kg lithium 

flight 15 min = 500 kg lithium 

so total for 15 min flight +15 min reserve need 1000 kg battery 

EASA evtol certification task : battery dropping from 15 m height to the ground - must be no leaks .

Its like to drop 1000 kg battery from 5th floor and expect no damages ...? This way battery could blow , not just leak .

Aviation experts have same opinion about eVTOLS - it's very doubtfully to believe that they will be able to lift more than 1 passenger. Lifting just 1 pilot + 1 passenger for very short time and slow speed  ? 

Too many VTOL startups rely on electric motors as this is easiest way to engineer a VTOL - just put powered propeller at place you want . Reality is different- Tesla battery that drive car 500 km  , in air it will keep VTOL  max for 15 min ( reserve only) . So even you will use such 500 kg battery , you still won't get enough range . You need to use 2 of such batteries  - 1000 kg (batteries only )for 15 min flight ...

* Why not helicopters ?     

helicopters are perfect machines when you need long time hoover above one place , but they very inefficient in horizontal flights , are very complex , slow , expensive and dangerous. 12 m diameter rotor blades are very dangerous in crowd areas  , helicopters can't fly near buildings , pilots are tired after 2 hours flight , helicopter pilot license hard to get . Also last tragic event in LA showed again - helicopters unsafe  .


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