JETCOPTER consortium is engineering the new tech tiltrotors for the military applications - faster , safer , dominant.

To win a modern world conflicts need the faster VTOL.
To be faster you need to be lighter and more powerful.
Due novel stabilization system Jetcopter tiltrotor won't need anymore the cross shafts and bunch of gearboxes , that to reduce about 2000 kg (4400lbs) compared to same size other tiltrotors.

2 x powerful and effective SAFRAN ARDIDEN 3TP engines to have 15% lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions (over current engines)

JETCOPTER tiltrotor will be the hard target for anti aircraft missiles . 
The lowest in industry signature/detectability together with the thermal trace elimination tech and other counteractions , will highly increase the survivability of JETCOPTER VTOL aircraft.
Visit booth E9 at World Defence Show March 6-9th , 2022 in Riyadh for more info.